Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be still my heart

I love these 1960 ish pieces of German modern dollhouse furniture. They are my new love leading me on my most recent adventure importing them to California. The wonderful German seller who was brave enough to ship "worldwide" and I were worried about this package. It was late and I began to despair of every seeing it. Then the package finally arrived. The confusion was the seller wrote the numbers of my address and zipcode as numbers are written in Europe. The "1" had the top part of the number curled and almost touching the bottom line. It looked like how we write a "7".
Some brave post office worker figured it out and it came to me after several other addresses and said FINAL NOTICE and was about to be returned. It is amazing to me how these little items cross the globe to rest in my little German Bungalow!
Kidney shaped table.

The furniture added to the livingroom of my Puppenstube. Sigh. Rapture!
"BOMBSHELL TONIGHT" (as Nancy Grace starts her shows... )Rebecca told me she has the same plant stand and thinks it was made in the mid to late 40's. See comment below. Thanks C


Rebecca said...

This room is looking terrific! I'd love to have a kidney-shaped table too! I do have a plant stand just like this. It has a sticker on the bottom that says "Germany USSR Occupied", so I think it dates from between 1945 and 1949.
Now, who lives in this beautiful abode?

My Realitty said...

Nobody yet!I have some German children I use in my kitchen roombox but no adults. I think I need to adress the kitchen room first so they won't starve.

Pandora said...

Interesting to read about the table. I also love that red lamp and the lavendar chair. The floor really shows up in that photo. Lovely collection.

More2view said...

Thank you. This has to be a small collection as I live in California and it is just not realistic to collect German antiques.
It will just be a little window into that world.C

Oese said...

this room is so sweet. All this vintage lamps are so adorable! Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Well I had some really good help! CM

Pubdoll said...

Your German room is so gorgeous, I'm almost lost for words! I love every piece in that room, but the lamps and the plant stand are my favourites!