Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The eye of the artist

Colette enjoyed the Gallery

reproduction of Elvis by Andy Warhol from a night light, Bozart sculpture

antique dollhouse vase, Buddah from Texas Tiny, Bozart urn,
Original nude by Oese
Miniature balck and red canvas by me.
Stands made from childrens blocks.
(why did I forget the doorknob in the picture!)

What should she do? She looked for a curator but only saw interns scurrying about making the place run.

Original drawing by Oese
Marx chair


Rebecca said...

I love the artwork in the different coloured rooms!
What is Colette going to buy? Has she seen something she likes, or maybe she wants to ask if they have other prints or paintings that aren't hung? Guess we'll find out soon :-)

My Realitty said...

Ha ha "Stay tuned..."
oh p.s. I got an anonymous question about where to find an Eagle dollhouse. As there isone on ebayright now I posted it at the top of my blog.C

Norma said...

Love the development of your storyline as a way to show off the minis :) That's a great sketch by Oese! And the Elvis by Warhol is just amazing!!

Pubdoll said...

So nice to see more of the gallery! I love the blue room with the Warhol Elvis and the bozart sculpture too! Infact it's the first time I really like the sculpture, but it went so well with the blue colour of the room and the whole setting.

Spencer Grace said...

Hey, my name is Spencer and I just recieved a Imagination DH in the mail. Mine seems very sturdy and is in great condition. I plan to furnish it with Lundby furntiure. Love the way you have yours.

More2view said...

Oh Spencer, you will LOVE it especially at Christmas. Check out the stuff Tomo Moko on flickr does with Christmas lights and dollhouses.
Please show us pictures you can do it for free on flickr. Cheers! C

aleta said...


So my mom had this fantastic dollhouse I got to use as a child, but the clear plastic was brittle, and the pieces coming apart, and I am very certain she threw it out. But now, over 20 years later I decided to google it with very little info.

It's the Imagination House! Thank you thank you! Also, I love your tableaus, [SUBSCRIBED].