Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thank you Maria Jose!

Her blog is http://Marivigado.blogspot .com/ She lives in in Valencia, Spain. How fun is it to visit blogs in different countries! It is like an immediate vacation.

I would like to pass this on to: I love the face on your thumbnail! I am wild about your collection. you inspire me So creative!

Pandora! of http://smallstuffminiatures, your portrait is sooooooo cute!


rosanna said...

Thank you so much for following. I understand you very well as far as housework is concerned... I'll take my time and shall have a nice, quiet look to your houses. See you soon Rosanna

diepuppenstubensammlerin said...

thank you so much, I don't know yet what it means and whether I must do sth now...

Please correct my link, it is

die puppenstubensammlerin

I know, difficult to spell in englisch, very easy in German, meaning "female collector of dollhouses".

püppilottchen said...

wow, another award i didn´t recognize! thanks and sorry! i was so busy the last two weeks... and i still am. i think i have to put all my awards together and make one of them ;D

your pictures of the colonial house are so cute and special. tonight i´m to tired to read all the text but it´s so nice to look just at the pictures!