Friday, February 26, 2010

Wow an award

Thank you Mona from for the sunshine award. I do not know how to transfer it to my blog!

I have received the most help from Rebecca, Oese and Callsmall so I pass it on to them.

I will also pass on the awards to my newbie friends, Dana Mocan, Amy, and Pubdoll.
It seems 2 years is about average for a dollhouse blogger, like life gets in the way or they move on. Is that true? Who is the longest running dollhouse blogger besides The Shopping Sherpa whose world famous blog emcompasses so more than just dollhouses? Let me know your opinion.


Josje said...

Oh I don't know about that! I know many people who've had their blog longer than I, and I started my Dutch blog in February 2006! I now have a second one in English which is nearly one year old (tomorrow in fact).

My Realitty said...

Happy Birthday to your English blog! 2006 that is fabulous! Thanks for telling me. C