Monday, February 15, 2010

Continuing up the stairs

So...up those stairs is a bookcase with the Gottschalk up high out of reach of little hands

The kitchen roombox lives there.

And the 1940's cardboard house.

Turning into the little room off the bedroom we find the Hacienda the Victorian House and the 1920's-30's house.
By the bed is the Colonial and Christian Hacker dollhouses. They are the ones I play with the most.

This is my shelf. My daughter gave me the plastic boxes and baskets.
This is my desk with my favorite tools. Good old museum wax and most glasses.
This concludes the tour. I forgot the Marx 50's tin Colonial that is under this desk and the Imagination Dollhouse which is on the Diningroom table for photographing. I have to go my grandddaughter wants me to get down a princess dress for her. C


Kate said...

Hey Mom,
Whoa- You look way classier and more organized than you really are ;) xo

My Realitty said...

Well, thanks, dear... I'm trying.
Oh p.s. I'm teaching your daughter to write... Nana

Pubdoll said...

So nice to see your houses and where you keep them! And so great to have a little room for them! I would love to see your Imagination dollhouse too!

What do you use the museum wax for?

Norma said...

Oh my goodness, your house is like a dollhouse museum - you should think of charging admissions :) I also see now why you mentioned the dust issue as there are a lot of furnished 'properties' that have no fronts and roofs - that's a lot of pieces to try to keep clean! I think perhaps it would be wise to consider Josje's advice in her comment on the previous post which is to have acrylic covers made for them.

I hope we can see more of the houses one by one, they look so charming ...

My Realitty said...

Pubdoll, I use Museum wax for everything because it hold little thinks in place and unlike glue is easily removable. That's important because I move stuff from house to house. (It doesn't work on antique wallpaper though.)

Norma,I am thinking of making clear plastic
drapes to go over the houses asap.

The imagination house lives in a box and usually only comes out at Christmas as it is so much fun to place Christmas lights on it. C

Minna said...

So nice to see so many pretty houses at a time, and really interesting to see where you have them.

My Realitty said...

They are all our right now so I can blog about them easily. The Imagination House will go away till Christmas. The Christian Hacker closes up by itself. I am planning a post on the 1940 Mystery Cardboard house and the 1950 tim Marx next. Then they may go away forawhile. C