Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thanks Rebecca

How fun is this!
Clever Rebecca of sent me this picture from an Australian design magazine from the '50s.
Way cool! Colette says it could be a long lost relative of her's from Australia! I will tell you a secret about me. I have my Dad's old Jaguar sedan from the 70's. He had the engine converted to a chevy in the 80's in Huntington Beach CA, I once met Bill Murray there when I took it in for work. The steering wheel is on the left though. It is stored in a garage now but I love old cars! How did you ever know, Thanks CM


Sans said...

Wow, 19 houses! I am going to look back your posts to see all those houses. You know you can start a museum with the 19 houses!

Thank you, my dear, for following my blog. I am very flattered :):).

That awning is great work by the way.

Rebecca said...

Well, the answer is, I didn't know! I just thought of Colette when I looked at this picture. Glad you both like it :-)