Sunday, May 2, 2010

La Familia de Carolena

Carolena's paternal aunt was living in Mexico City.

After 3 years she came to Taos to visit her niece.

Tia Juanita had a melancholy character she shared with her brother, Carolena's father.

Mantle clock and
birdcage soft metal. made in Mexico.

Family resemblence.

Carolena inherited her mother's sunny spirit.

As did her daughter Charlotta.

Tia Juanita was stiff with anger as she heard Carolena talk about her life in Taos. Carolena did not complain but her aunt learned Filipo stayed in Santa Fe gambling and seldom came to the Hacienda. Juanita decided to telegraph her brother in Germany as soon as she returned to Mexico City. Carolena needed rescuing from her tedious life.

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Rebecca said...

The years have really gone by in a flash, haven't they? Well, it seems not for Carolena, but certainly for us!