Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hang on to your hat it's time to Time Travel...

When I decided to cover one dollhouse a month, I worried I wouldn't have enough to last 4 weeks of blogging.

The reverse is true. There is so much to cover!

I also feel like I don't do the house justice if I don't cover them equally.

So... get ready to time travel.

It is 7 years later and it is time for Charlotta to travel to San Francisco where her Grandparents live. (You'll be amazed how little they've aged...)

They have enrolled her in the Sacred Heart Convent School for girls.

Mother and daughter have a talk in the garden. Carolena is sad to see her only daughter leave Taos and the Hacienda where she grew up . Charlotta is excited to move to the big city. She has heard stories of the Gold Rush and tales 0f the Barbary Coast.

Abuela is going to sew new clothes for Charlotta and a sailor suit to travel in. Carolena has to decide what will go to San Francisco with her daughter in the big family trunk.
White iron chairs and table contemporary imports. Shell fountain made by me using a tile saw to cut small talavera tiles and the sea shells with a safety pin head as the spout.
Love those Texas Tiny boots and Honey and Bee bonnet!


Rachel said...

I love reading all about your houses and people living in them you do a great job at story telling its really enjoyable i cant wait for more

My Realitty said...

Thanks Rachel. Wekcome to your newest family member. CM