Thursday, May 20, 2010

The family trunk is dragged out again.

The antique fan, her piggy bank, her straw hat and clothes go into the trunk for Charlotta's new life in San Francisco. Abuela has a gift for her in her hands.
(Be sure to notice the pencil scribbling on the bedroom wall near the cross. My assistant added that. In fact it was mentioned in the agenda of the March 16th post of the dolls board room meeting. I think it adds that certain dollhouse je ne sais quois...)

Charlotta twirls before the mirror in her new sailor suit Abuela has made her. She does not see the tear in her Mother's eye. Carolena quickly wipes it away and Abuela puts a comforting arm around her shoulder. (conveniently hiding the poorly sewn back seam I forgot about...)
Can someone tell me how to erase comment I made in duplicate on my blog ..... Doh!
Thanks SB I managed it. :) C


Merry Jingle said...

Nice decoration help you've got there - I have dog drool in my Bakkery's wall :D I rather would go for pencil scribblings :)

And I love the chandelier,


My Realitty said...

The chandelier is hanging from a Christmas tree ornament hook. Hmmm leave it to you to hone in on the bit Christmas in the scene!
The funny thing is another dollhouse, the replica of the house I live in made in 1985, has scribbling on it from that doodler's mother and aunt. I wanted to paint it everytime I did my house but now am glad I left it for my grandchild to see. Cheers CM

My Realitty said...
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M@rianne said...

So nice!
Like the picture you made from the woman looking into the mirror!

And our news
our blog is moved............
do you come and take a look?

greetings Marianne

My Realitty said...

OK Will do. C