Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy June!

Summer has arrived in the Bay area.
This month I will be showing my Victorian Dollhouse
It was made in the 1980's by Thomas Cole who owned a hobby shop in our town.

It represents the late 1890's in San Francisco history. It was Mark Twain who named that period "the Gay Ninties".
As I tell a story about the dolls in my dollhouses, those of you who read last month's post will find Carolena, the mother joining her daughter, Charlotta at her parent's house on Nob Hill. It is 1870, next week we time travel, rest up. (My assistant is named Charlotte so all the little heroines of my tales have some derivative of that name, my assistant likes that, and cookies). Carolena has traveled here from her Hacienda in Taos and brought her daughter a pinata from home. Charlotta goes to school in San Francisco and loves the big city with tall buildings and horse drawn trolleys. Carolena finds herself a little overwhelmed after the simplicity of New Mexico,
AND her clothes are VERY out of date! C


Meli said...

Happy June to you too!!! Summer is just here!!
The house is lovely!!

My Realitty said...

Thank You Meli, I can't believe it was raining just last week! I hope the suns stays around a bit before the June Fog rolls in. CM

Ascension said...

Una preciosa epoca para mostrarnos esa maravillosa casa, me encantan los vestidos
besitos ascension

My Realitty said...

I like the little sailor dress best. Gracias Ascension. C