Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hecho en Mexico

One of my favorite things about the Hacienda Dollhouse is all the beautifully made handcrafted miniatures. Here are the ones made of straw. Look how tiny the baskets are. I put the wooden guitar in for scale as it's mother of pearl inlayed back side is in a following picture.

Look at this little maroon footed basket.
This little pottery is so perfect and beautiful in color.

Here is the back of the guitar. Isn't it gorgeous? I love the little tin pitcher, strainer, pan and tortilla griddle. There is a wooden round jar with a lid, a perfect little granite looking corn grinding stone with pestle, and shallow dish. The last item in this picture is the wrought iron wash stand with clay glazed pitcher and bowl.


Maria Narbon said...

very nice the Hacienda
You are going to show us photos of the interior?

Lara said...

Hi, thanks for joining my giveaway.
I had not seen that I won a chair. Do you want me to give my adress on your blog or through email?
Just let me know :-)

My Realitty said...

Maria, it is 2 level. Some of the lower level are the living room shots in earlier posts. The upper level is the bedroom in the "unpacking" post. C

My Realitty said...

Hi Lara, yes email me your address. It was the post on March 12th. A little modern chair. CM

Ascension said...

Has conseguido verdaderas maravillas!!!
Mejico, es un pais con muy buenos artesanos
besitos ascension

Flor said...

Como mexicana espero encontrar esa jarrita de metal ¡que me encanto!!
Muy bonita tú hacienda y todo lo del blog

Meli said...

Qué hacienda más bonita!!! Me encanta las jarritas!! La cerámica es realmente preciosa!!!!

someguy said...

This is delightful little collection. I especialy like the guitar and pottery-such fine detail and vivid colors. I look forward to your entry on the "Painted Lady" house. That house is what I think of when someone says quintessential San Francisco.

My Realitty said...

Thank you,someguy. Cute name. I am reading about life in Victorian times and it seems life was a little wilder and more experimental in San Francisco in 1890 than in England where most of the literature is based. Hmmm might be true today too? CM