Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vaya Con Dios!

We catch up with Phillipe and Carolena after the birth of their first child, Charlotta Carolena Georgina Mascabesa Hacker.

Carolena loved the baby instantly. For Charlotta it almost makes up for her unfortunate marriage.

It is the late 1850's in the New Mexico Territories which comprise what are the states of New Mexico and Arizona today. The Hackers Hacienda is near Taos and on the route to California from Missouri.

The terrain is dry and covered with sage brush and Sugaro cactus.

There are Apache Indians but the hacienda is near a Fort. The turmoil of the Civil War passes the Hackers by as they are so remote. The Confederate Army tries to conquer Southern Arizona with the help of sympathesizers. Hoping to capture California and Colorado gold mines they are defeated ultimately by Union Soldiers in the Sangre de Christo Mountains southeast of the Hacienda.

Spanish is the main language spoken and Phillipe is now called Senor Filipo. He has outfitted himself in Western garb and carries a sixshooter.

Carolena is happy with her new baby and very greatful her Aunt Amelia Hacker gave her this bonnet for her journey as the sun is hot in Taos. The little family arrives at the Hacienda tomorrow.

Bonnet by Honey and Bee found on etsy


Ascension said...

Un viaje dificil para Carolina y Felipe, pero seguro que ya estan a salvo y felices con su bebe.
Feliz fin de semana
besito ascension

My Realitty said...

Es verdad!One never knows what a turn in the road might bring, especially if I am making up the story!!! CM