Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Well...we took Colette with us out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! She had a great time.
When we got to the Cantina who did we find but Filipo being entertained by a Saloon Girl!
Unbeknownst to all of us Carolena's father had arrived in Taos unannounced.
He stopped by the Cantina for directions to the Hacienda. He caught one look of Filipo and marched up to him to give him what for. In his drunken haze Filipo pulled his six shooter out thinking it was some cowhand trying to get between him and the Saloon Girl.

The waiter tried to calm everyone down.

Once Filipo's gun was drawn the Sheriff had no choice but to shoot him to protect the unarmed man in the sombrero.

Now Carolena's father had the unenviable task of proceeding to his daughter's house with the news of her husband's demise.
Take it easy when you fiesta this year amigos!. xox CM and Colette and Co.
and a special Gracias to the staff at Chevy'sWalnut Creek who helped us with everything, even the plot!
(oh and to anyone who was there and goes home and says "Really! There were these little people on the bar! Really" I'm here to tell you... there were.)


Oese said...


My Realitty said...

Haben Sie eine Margarita fur mich! ;). CM

Rebecca said...

Oh my God! It's only the 4th of May - well, the 5th already here - and the man of the house of the month is dead! The little girl has aged 3 years in 3 days - at this rate, we'll be having funerals for Carolena's father and aunt, Charlotta's marriage and children, and perhaps even Carolena's remarriage or death - all by the end of the month! Phew! I might need a margarita too, just thinking about it :-)
btw, love how your dolls go out in public - mine are quite retiring ;-)

My Realitty said...

You think this is bad... in June we'll be in the "Gay Ninties..."
Let's face it I'm tired of Filipo and his bad behavior, I mean it's HIS karma... C

Modern said...

LOL! Hilarious!!! I'm emailing you now to arrange a meet up. :P

My Realitty said...

Absolutely! C

shale said...

Well, my goodness, you must have had to drink several margaritas just to calm your nerves - I know I would have. It's lucky that Carolena's father will be there to support her after this tragedy. Although she must have been getting pretty tired of her husband's bad behaviour, so I guess it's a blessing in disguise. I wonder what handsome stranger will appear on the horizon now.
As REbecca points out, a lot has happened in the May house of the month in three days. There must be a lot more to tell.