Saturday, May 1, 2010


" What do you think"? Phillipe asked Carolena? gesturing at the empty adobe walls.

She thought the Hacienda would need a lot of work but being a sunny person she turned to the task at hand. Unloading her trunk.

Unknown age antique trunk, antique tobacco felt rug.

Carolena carefully laid her new baby Charlotta in the cradle in the sparsely decorated bedroom.

Wooden furniture is vintage Shackman made in Japan. Bed, antique with old hankerchief it came with for spread.

When Charlotta woke up Carolena introduced her to Abuela the older woman who worked on the Hacienda.

Wood furniture Starr Company, ca. 1890's

Contemporary resin fireplace from Hobby Supply catalog.

Silver 1920's Mexican, green Glass contemporary found on ebay.
antique Mexican pottery found on ebay.

Carolena held back tears as she thought of her parents back in Germany. That seemed like a lifetime ago. "Well it's getting dark" said Phillipe, "I think I'll go to bed".

The long journey had tired him. Carolena was glad to have him out of her sight as he was accustomed to being waited on and didn't really help.

She worked late into the night unloading her precious belongings.

It had been a long time since there had been a baby at the Hacienda and for Charlotta and Abuela it was love at first sight. Someone had found a happy home.

Filipo is a Horsman doll, Carolena and Abuela contemporary imports (MUTTs manufacturer unknown @ this time) Baby Charlotta is an vintage hard plastic doll in original clothing.


Rebecca said...

Poor Carolena, not only is Phillipe not much help, but he also takes up most of the bed! I'm glad that Abuela and Charlotta have taken to each other - hopefully Abuela will be good support for Carolena.
Love your Starr furniture :-)

My Realitty said...

LOL you don't miss much Rebecca!!!!
I will have to add to Phillipe's list of faults that he is a bed hog!!!!! c

Pandora said...

Lovely post.

Wonderful furnishings. That bed is great even though Phillipe probably is a bed hog! The dresser is fab too.

By the way, I always admire that tin washstand you have on the side bar.

Pan x

My Realitty said...

Well, Pandora you and Rebecca certainly have Philippe's number!

The wash stand on the side bar is french and they pop up on ebay now and again at a range of prices, C

dora said...

La hacienda, le está quedando preciosa.
Pobre, ella trabajando y él mirando, menos mal que tiene ayuda con el niño.
Besitos Carmen