Monday, May 17, 2010

For Maria Narbon

Here is the full back view of the Hacienda House. Oh oh! Have you seen her dolls? They are magnifico! I am going to need one of each for this house... I need a day job... xoxo CM
P.S. It occurs to me as I look at this from above it needs red saltillo tile floors. I have so many rugs and mats I haven't really considered the floor before! CM
fireplace is by Handley House and Aztec Imports


Maria Narbon said...

At your disposal Carmen,
You can order the dolls you need!
I really like the Hacienda, and maybe the ground need more color.
(maybe tiles on plant, and old wood on first floor????)
In late 2010 I sent six gentlemen to the Caramel CA Museum of Miniatures:
"Smallsea A Metropolis in Miniature"

Ascension said...

Estoy segura, que las muñecas de Maria quedaran genial en tu hacienda.
besitos ascension