Friday, May 7, 2010

The importance of Mothers

As you know (post below) Carolena's husband Fillipo was shot to death by the Sheriff when he drew a gun in the Cantina in Taos.
Carolena was now owner of the Hacienda and made plans for Filippo's burial.
Carolena's mother and father rushed to her side and her Tia Juanita extended her stay.
Carolena had been running the Hacienda by herself for some time anyway and took control firmly.
Her parents wanted her to continue on to San Francisco with them where her father had a new diplomatic post.
Her Aunt still wanted to take Charlotta to Mexico City with her for her education.
Charlotta and her mother had a private talk and they decided they would stay together in their home.
Tia Juanita and Carolena's father began to protest but Carolena's mother who seldom was heard from
spoke up and told everyone Carolena
was to decide her own life. The others were nonplussed to hear from her but Carolena smiled and knew her mother understood her.
Her friend Amy Oakely spoke up and said that she would see to Charlotta's education as she went to ladies college briefly in Philadelphia. Tia Juanita was unsure of this move as Amy was one of those new suffragettes.
Happy Mother's Day! CM


Rachel said...

Haha great story line im loving it lol...cant wait to see what happens next

Ascension said...

Siento haberme perdido, todas las visicitudes que han pasado durante mi ausencia.
Siento la muerte de Filipo, la cosa se esta poniendo fea.
Intentare, no perderme ningun capitulo, la cosa esta muy interesante.
besitos ascension

My Realitty said...

Hola mis amigas! What happens next is Carolena and Charlotts flourish
and I get ready for a house guest... wow these 1:1 floors are so big to clean! xoxo C