Sunday, May 2, 2010

Carolena's Parents were the perfect couple

Her Father was serious, her mother merry.
Together they complimented and assisted each other.

When I first got this house I was looking for unique dolls for it. I liked the male doll's clothing as it was velvet with gold rickrack. It had a big dopey cloth face so I removed it. The doll body is old and filled with sawdust for stuffing. I glued a comtemporary head to it, which is a miniature milliners bust. (I used the female form for his sister) That is why it looks waxy, it is supposed to be a mannequin. I like his morose look.

The female doll is an antique celluloid. She is smaller than 1:12 scale but I loved her skirt. CM

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Ascension said...

Me encanta esta parejita.
En España, tambien es muy popular la peineta que lleva ella en la cabeza.
Podria pasar por una sevillana españaola jejeje
besitos ascension