Sunday, April 25, 2010

Amelia thinks about fate

She considers how suddenly her new niece, Carolena's life has changed. Married, having a child and going on a journey to unknown lands. The least she can do is give Carolena her new bonnet for her travels.

And what about her own two boys? How will they turn out?

Amelia was secretly glad they looked like her side of the family, the Porcelains, not like her husband's side of the family. The Hackers were Horsman, rubbery and the women had faces like Barbies... ah fate. None of us know what tomorrow brings.
"Hot chocolate?" asked Amelia xoxo CM


Rachel said...

Oh im definately tuning in tomorrow to see more lol...i too believe in fate but i must have been a bad person in my past life lol...

My Realitty said...

then the next one will be fabulous! CM