Thursday, April 8, 2010

Call Small in the New York Times

Hey! Did you see the article on miniature modern furniture in the New York Times? It features Call of the Small. The journalist called me the week I blogged about reac chairs in American catalogs. She had never heard of the Kaleidescope House and I told her the history of dollhouses and referred her to the History by McKendry. She emailed me today and said the article ran. I told her about my collection and the MH1 house. And how I think Minimodernista is the zenith of modern design. She was amazed at all the miniature blogs and asked me why we do it. I said we like to play. She said I could blog about it after the article ran. Great pics! Oh, P.S. She was rather shocked when I told her how many dollhouses I had!


Norma said...

That's a really interesting article, thanks for posting :)

My Realitty said...

I just wonder why no one mentioned ModernMC, Mini Modern, patron saint. C

contar said...

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Mini Dork said...

Hey C,
Kate had asked me where to get Reac and I said, read this, it was just blogged about here:

I know that Kate contacted Modern MC (callsmall and myself said she was a must to interview) , but I don't know more than that. I can guess if there was an article on Modern MC it would take up the entire Home & Garden section.

She interviewed Paris as well, but did not quote him even though she add a link at the end. I'm guessing that's how she got Lee Downin's contact info since he bought a pod from Paris.

I had also mentioned contacting The Shopping Sherpa, but her being in Australia, might have been a factor.

It was pretty fun and I hope this might get some new interest in modern miniatures and maybe some more products on the market.

My Realitty said...

Good! I mentioned Oese too re German resurgence in Midcentury design as in Vero and ddr furniture.I was hoping she would mention Wes's MH1. Yay! C

callsmall said...

Thanks for posting! As unpredictable as the media can be, I think the article turned out nicely! And as others say, it would be great if it encourages participation in our mini world!

My Realitty said...

Yes. I just wanted her to show the MH1 by Wes Christensen. CM

Püppilottchen said...

Really funny to read about people i just "know" here in the blogger world, at the New York Times :) But i wonder why they chose just some bloggers and forget about some others?! Hum, mysterious! I hope all the others, like you are not to unhappy about that?


Carey said...

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