Friday, April 9, 2010

Pinchofpepper makes a tension lamp

Look at this incredible lamp. (I am taking a small detour from the Christian Hacker house to show you this) it was made by Pinchofpepper. You may be familiar with her work on Flickr.

I had one
just like
it in

It is very heavy made from real metal.

Thank you Pinchof-
pepper it is awesome!

"I get by with a little help from my friends"
Pinch says,"The angle poise lamp is is made up of 2mm and 3mm brass box section tubing held together with piano wire pins. The base is a selection of washers. The lamp shade is the plastic cap which covers the springs on a 6v lantern battery and the teeny springs are fuse wire wound around a thin rod. Then the whole thing was sprayed with radiator enamel paint. The bulb in a 12v grain of wheat bulb."

It is so realistic! I love it, CM

black chair above rement

red couch, white screen, lucite coffee table and Dwell Magazine by Minimodernistas ( did you see that hilarious post the Shopping Sherpa put on her blog about a month ago UNHAPPY HIPSTERS? It fratures Dwell magazine pictures. I will go find the link, too much!!!! )

Chanel purse by Dawn Carrol CDHM

"Elvis "Andy Warhol from a night light

Tomy rubber plant

circular side table child's rubber block

carpet contemporary import

oh, and beautiful white tension lamp by Pinchofpepper, oh did I already say that?


Oese said...

Uh, very cool. I had a similar one in orange in my youth.
I hesitated to ask pinchofpepper to make one for me, I'm glad you did. She is such a nice person!
Thanks for sharing this and thanks for the detour from Hacker ;-)
Have a nice weekend!

Pubdoll said...

Thanks for the detour (even though I have very much enjoyed reading you Christian Hacker house posts, I just haven't gotten around to comment yet on them)that lamp is amazing!! Pinchofpepper's creations are always fabulous and so nice of her (and you) to share how she made it!

My Realitty said...

Yes she is an incredible craftsman.
Craftswoman. Sh is working on a "bar" Can't wait to see it. C

dale said...

That lamp is incredible!!! :)