Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Do you know what this old sachel is for? Does anyone recognize it's use?

Notice the metal encased corners, the hook and eye latches.

This is it open.

Back. I was wondering because it was donated to the Goodwill and was full of Bliss dolhouse furniture and ca. 1890- early 1900 dollhouse chairs and furniture I use in the Hacker House. It also contained a toy with a 1950's looking sticker on it. They weren't packed like a salesman's sample. Some of the pieces were broken and repaired with old celophane tape.

The Goodwill people said it was in a pile of junk unloaded in New England.

Just curious. We all know the journey from manufacturer to our houses is a long and winding road. Just wondering. It's part of the story that is the Hacker house xoxo CM


Florine said...

No matter what was in it originally, it was a treasure chest for you!! What a wonderful find!
By the way, just what are your dollhouse dollies doing while you are blogging.....

My Realitty said...

All sorts of things. The Hacker house seems to be settling down, and there is a flurry of cleaning in the Hacienda house. :)C