Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dolls for Walls

The Hacker House represents 1820 in Germany.

These are the dolls from the Colonial House, representing 1790 in the New American Colonies. They are apparently relatives of the Hackers.

As I mentioned several posts ago the walls on the Christian Hacker house are high. I wanted to put pictures up but wanted something unusual. I took "portraits" of the dolls themselves and framed them. Now they have their ancestors in the living room and family in Amelia's blue bedroom.

The Hacker boys.

At first glance people don't see that they are the dolls themselves.


Rebecca said...

Very clever! The gold-framed portraits look terrific against the blue wallpaper.

dora said...

Son preciosas sus muñecas.
!Que suerte!! 20 casitas? increible.
Tiene unos trabajos muy bonitos. felicidades.
Un abrazo Carmen

My Realitty said...

Gracias Dora!

Hi Rebecca! I love that blue room. It had to be a woman's bedroom, even though the room next door is twice as big, that left it being a nursery. I'll just have to give the Hackers lots of kids... CM