Friday, April 9, 2010

Kitchen Christian Hacker House

This is the stove unit that came with the house. The table is antique german and the rustic bench hand made of unknown date. The Butler is contemporary with a pocket watch by Dawn Carrol CDHM, the governess in blue is a Mutt. (contemporary import, Manufacturer Unknown @ this Time...) This room was the livingroom but it had a giant glue stain on the back wall so I put the stove unit there. Also the flooring in the central hall and other room match so I made them a diningroom and the livingroom.


Rebecca said...

It makes a lovely kitchen! As redrickshaw said on flickr, the maid does look completely pooped, but what on earth is the butler doing with that pocket watch? Maybe he has mesmerised the page boy and the maid?!

My Realitty said...

The maid and little male doll are some strange dolls from the 1920's. The are a difficult scale, around 4". Too small for 1:12 and too big for 3" German dolls.
The pocketwatch is to keep the house running on time.