Friday, April 16, 2010

Back to the Hacker House

Amelia goes to the window looking for her tea guests.

Her new Bonnet arrived and she needs it to shield herself from the sunshine. Welcome Spring!
I read a post recently about the difficulty of shipping fragile miniatures.
Look how Pinchofpepper sent her tension lamp the other day. She carved the lamp's shape out of foam and placed it in it to insure safe shipping.
I found Amalie Hacker's new hat, by Honey and Bee by googling "miniature bonnet" and her etsy store came up. Her hats are historically accurate. She sent it cleverly too, in the plastic container that holds the frosting from a frozen cinnamon roll tube! So perfect! Thank you Honey and Bee, I love it. Cheers! C


neomig said...

How does one buy Pinchofpepper wonderful creations?
I looked everywhere.
thanks said...

She is on under Pinchof pepper. I did a post on her early Novemeber 2009. It will take you to her stream of pictures. I know she makes items out of love and exploration, I don't know if she sells anything. Hope that helps. CM