Wednesday, April 7, 2010

German Fashion in 1810 to 1826

I have a fabulous book on 1"- 1' doll fashion.
It is called Nineteenth Century Costume designs and patterns for Mannequins and Dolls Volume 1. published by Emanjay, copyright 1988 Maria G Wheat.

It is a wonderful book and I recommend it to you.
Amelia Hacker tells her friend Petronella, she wants a new hat.

French King Louis the 16th promoted French Fashion in the late 1700s by sending life size mannequins dressed in the fashion of his court to other courts. We all recognize the wide pannieres Marie Antoinette wore.

Regency style: right

A"Fashion plate" is a picture of one dress. It was used, next to spread Fashion news.
Seamstresses would copy the pictures for their customers. They became more decorated and available to more women during the Industrial Revolution.

After Marie Antoinette, by 1800, the long grecian line of the Regency style influenced by Rosseau and Napoleon and Josephine was popular. (This is the style we all love from Jane Austen movies.)
Then by 1829 a new lower waisted style was en vogue. (Think Little Women)
This was carried to an extreme by mid century (think of Scarlett O'Hara).
We see Amelia Hacker and her friend in this new style as it began in the 1820's.
Amelia Hacker wanted a new hat.

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