Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Modern Dollhouse: How to

Welcome to fun!

How to build a modern mini

Color Xerox your favorite art to make it smaller.

Find an antique mid century design lamp (Strombecker)

Cut up a rattan placemat for a rug.

Cover a box with material, plain color add pillows or a throw.

Do not go on German ebay and buy DDR furniture ( tables, hutches, etc. because it's all for me)

Buy one modern TV or computer and Voila! A modern scene.

Less is more so it's easy! xoxo CM

When you make a scene you are supposed to give credit to the makers of the items used:

Minimodernista couch(ebay)

My nude is by my friend Oese, who has an incredible collection of miniatures. She is a major contributor to the Modern Miniature group on Flickr and be sure to see her post on her blog about making minis from other items ( She also started a flickr group called Modern Miniatures re re re (examples of repurposed items in miniature scenes) She is very creative! (where the cool kids are...)

The Andy Warhol Elvis picture is from a bathroom nightlight) My family is fumbling around in the dark...

Strombecker sideboard and floorlamp (ebay)

Bozart Toys lamp, (ebay)

little Mexican pot and bowl, (ebay)

rug is a mousepad

kidney shaped coffee table and navy chair (

BE SURE TO PAY ATTENTION TO SCALE... I still buy items that don't fit. This is 1:12 or one inch represents one foot. Centimeters make it tricky...

My house is a signed Wes Christensen MH1 (don't buy it I want the only one...everyone else buy Brinca Dada (not 1:12 scale) and the plastic Kaleidescope house, please ;) )


julietk said...

Very cool 50s modernist :-)

contar said...

Le quedo una sala de estar muy moderna me gusta el resultado.
un abrazo

He still has a room of being very modern I like the result.
An embrace

My Realitty said...

Gracias, y usted. Carolina

My Realitty said...

JulietK, it is funny how when I look in current furniture catalogs I see they are reviving the modernism of Eames and the German post war designers, like German doll house furniture.

neomig said...

Dear Carol,
What a wonderful surprise awaited me on my back window: A well packed small californian parcel to cheer me up. I have a broken leg for the past 4 weeks and mooving is not easy. My post man got used to leaving goodies hidden for me . Usually these are payed for. Bur a present?
No this is so great. I waiteduntill every one of my guests left and sat down to enjoy every second of it.
And there ot was : a beautiful shopping basket with all those goodies for a piqniq and....and....
the grean reac chair I was just about to bid today. So Many Thanks!!!
So now I can get my self another DDR sofa(-:,(-:
As for my self,I gather stuff. I built a Cardboard papier mache doll house and even started decorating and taking pictures- but blogging is still beyond me.
After watching and reading for over a yearI decided I have to go active on line. you give me so much courage to go forward.
All the best

Oese said...

So funny Flocke! I love this post.
You're right, it is easy. I love what you have done with the picture on the wall, looks much better now, hum?
But I have to berate you (;-), because you wrote "... her blog about making minis from household items."
boo hoo - I spent so much money on buying designer-miniatures and vintage dollshouse furniture and really expensive original lundby-items! Like Callsmall I barely buy clothes for me, but all these dollshouse-stuff. And you say HOUSEHOLD-ITEMS!
However it's a great pleasure to save money and use the things around.

Neomig, I can't wait to see your blog, please begin soon. Best wishes for your leg, I hope it's no more painful.
Have fun with your new goodies!

My Realitty said...

Ruh roh! Oese. I corrected my post about your collection. I just assumed everyone would know who you were! A goddess, along with the Shopping Sherpa and MiniModern in the dollhouse blog world. xoxo Flocke

shale said...

You are hilarious! I love the room and the post. Hmmm ... I think I will buy a Wes Christensen MH1

My Realitty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Norma said...

It's great I love your 'modern mini and the humour in your post in equal measure :)

Oese said...

uh oh, you've got me, Carol!
The picture on the wall is a self-portrait ;.)

Ascension said...

Me encanta como ha quedado la sala y la explicacion de como comprar!!!
besitos ascension

My Realitty said...

Really Oese? Was it done this year or twenty year ago...? xoxo Flocke

Oese said...

I had a vision of my glorious future.....

My Realitty said...

That comment deleted was me posting my reply twice!!! Doh :( CM

smidge girl said...

LOL! You always make me laugh :) Such a lovely room, the lamps are FAB! (I'm a bit of a lamp addict.)