Friday, April 2, 2010

Coloring eggs

Alberta from the 1920's Tudor house
called the kids to the kitchen to dye Easter eggs. The kids were excited.
This was a hurried shot.

Strombecker sink and icebox.
Nancy Forbes table, chairs and buffet, antique plaster German cakes,
vintage plastic glasses,
various baskets,
not sure what kind of rubber dolls these are probably from the 1950's. It has been suggested they are Shackman.
Alberta's apron made from paper.

Alberta sends the kids out to play.
1920's Tudor house by the Louis Rich Company with shingles added at a later point. Renwal plastic toys.

My assistant insists on bringing a Marx swingset to the scene.

My assistant insists we dye our eggs
now. Nana's tricky 2 colored egg.

My assistant prepares to drop in the eggs.
Happy Easter!
Happy Spring! CM
Disney Ariel mermaid doll on the counter. Ariel is my assistant's assistant. I am accumulating an entourage.


callsmall said...

I love your Kaleidoscope glasses with all those colors! And your assistant is incredibly adorable! Great kitchen furniture -- very collectible stuff! Happy Easter to you :)

My Realitty said...

Thanks Call, Whenever I'm around my assistant I seem unable to focus. I'm not sure she is clear on the concept of assisting yet...

Pubdoll said...

I love the egg dying scenes, both the miniature and fullscale ones. And you're so lucky to have such a lovely and cute assistant! And how cool she has her own assistant as well :-)
Thanks for sharing and happy Easter!

My Realitty said...

Thanks Pubbdoll. Happy spring! Eggs are finished, let's start hiding them, I mean let the Bunny start. CM

dale said...

So sweet! :)

Happy Easter! :)

Hide one egg in the soap dish for me. ;)

Rebecca said...

Lovely scenes! I thought of doing some kind of decorated egg scene, but decided that wrapping them in foil was much easier! So kudos to you for doing it in miniature AND real size! Love both the mini scenes and the real ones - the dyes are so colourful, and your bowls are as colourful as the dyes! I bet your eggs looked wonderful, especially the tricky two-toned ones - and I hope you (and especially your assistant) have a great egg hunt :-))

My Realitty said...

Thank you Rebecca! Doing miniature scenes with a 3 year old adds a certain need for speed that normally isn't there. Thank heavens the swingset was there to distract! Happiest of Easters to you! C

My Realitty said...

Dale. The soap dish what a riot! I'm going to do it! CM

My Realitty said...

Dale. The soap dish what a riot! I'm going to do it! CM

Ascension said...

Feliz Pascua!!!!!
Me ha encantado encontrar tu blog, la casita es una preciosidad
besitos ascension

Piikko said...

Happy Easter:)

Amy's Miniatures And Smalls said...

Lovely. You have an adorable assistant. Nice to see a vintage house from the 1920's. Everything is so cute. I love the red stripped walls and the Nancy Forbes items in miniature. I learned something. Thanks! Love the life size photos also. Have a great Easter!

My Realitty said...

Thanks Amy. I nhave to laugh every time I think of the "mood lightin" on your blog. Happy Easter C

Dana R. Mocan said...

wonderful scenes! Lovely and adorable assistant :) love the miniature egg dying scene! I never thought dolls have as many activities as we have

My Realitty said...

We do keep them busy... C