Wednesday, April 28, 2010

EEK! 199 followers!

Thank you
helping me with this blog. I have just finished my 6th month as a blogger and what a time it has been!

(why does it look like that! It doesn't in the editing!!!)

May starts my 7th month. I have collected these dollhouses for over 30 years (not even counting my childhood which was toyfull.) Check out that cowboy swingset! Yee haw!

Several thing have occurred. I think there must be an explosion of interest and popularity in miniatures at this time. What do you think? The number of miniture blogs is increasing as the number of products available is too. I was one of the people interviewed for the New York Times article though I collect more than just modern design. Amazed me. This blogging is potent stuff.

So at the magic number of 200 I want to do a "give back" in the grand blogger tradition. What is it? I DON"T KNOW! I hope that 200th person doesn't sign in till I figure it out. What have you seen people do that you like the best? ( I still haven't sent everything out from my last give away, Anthoula)

I also got my first reference book: Antique & Collectibles: Dollhouses and their furnishings by Dian Zillner and Patty Cooper. (My Stirn parlor furniture is really by the Starr Co.) So I can do a better job.

I have made GREAT friends, Oese, Rebecca, Call Small, Dana, Amy, Pinchofpepper, Shale, Nicola, Pubdoll etc.
It seems funny to call them by their blog names sometimes.

BUT I want to change a few things... Like my template and I'm afraid to mess with it or it might disappear. I plan to widen my scope. Talk about design in general, especially my current 1:1 project, "The Trellis Room" (more later) and perhaps life in general. So we shall see what the next 6 months brings and I will still be giving a tour of my collection (2 down 18 to go).

May is the Hacienda House so...
Y'all come back now... ya hear? Cheers CM


Oese said...

you are the cutest! is it in the garden of your family? have you siblings? I had nice dresses as a child too (but without a petticoat, I only dreamed of it), but I loved them only for the mirror or the fotos. for playing outside I had my pants!

My Realitty said...

In the backyard of our LA suburban home.It was the 50's... Mostly we wore shorts. It was my birthday. xo F

shale said...

Hi CM;
We love you blog. I am not surprised that you have 199 followers in such a short time. Your collection is incredible and your sense of humor is a delight. I look for your new posts every day.

BTW, I just found out that if you do your new posts in the Firefox Browser (instead of Safari, which I was using) the layout doesn't have all those spaces in it and the text stays where you put it. My last post was a delight to do - no hair-tearing-out frustration with the text line up. And it looks great online.

If you don't have Firefox you can download it free here:
For both Mac and PC.


My Realitty said...

Thanks you're a babe! I will try it some time this week. :) CM

Rachel said...

Whaay well done for reaching 200 followers your blog is great i cant wait for your next dollshouse

My Realitty said...

Thanks Rachel. Ruh Roh! there is the 200th. Welcome House of Genista! You win a vacation to ...
sorry not really. You win a heartfelt thank you!!!! :)CM

LaPetite said...

Way to go! It's a big deal, (said with tongue in cheek) La Petite

My Realitty said...

Thanks, La Petite, you're a babe, and I mean that! CM

Dana R. Mocan said...

congrats for 6 months of blogging :) always read with pleasure your posts. I'm quite a beginner in collecting dollhouses and it's amazing to see so many beautiful things from your collection. love your stories too. I'm also happy to find so many GREAT friends all over the world!

My Realitty said...

Dana my gorgeous young friend...When you are my age you will probably have many more houses... Yes the blog is an amazing tool for communication,xoxo CM