Saturday, March 27, 2010

After: The Livingroom

If you wish to see the "before" of this room go 2 posts back.

Colette was pleased with the transformation.

She had put up blinds, streamlined the furniture, and found new art.

She wouldn't rest until every detail was perfect.
"Well" said the client. "I never thought I'd like it... But I have to say I do."

"Hang on, I'll be right back... I have a surprise..."
Colette was feeling pretty jolly.

"You said you really liked my picture but it didn't go with the new couch so I'm giving it to you! And I bought a new one that matches the couch perfectly! What do you think" the client beamed. Colette raised her margarita to her lips and started chugging.

imported German DDR bookcase, coffee table, couch and chair.
Strombecker floorlamp, Bozart terracotta vase, Mexican antique bowl,
childrens play block sidetable, Silpat baking sheet for window blind,
Texas Tiny Buddah and carved African art
Marx Imagination dollhouse art in green frames
note paper for carpet
lime green throw pillow and urns in fireplace, Bozart
Couch and chair pillows, Minimodernista
Rubber plant, Tomy
Rement "Eames" chair, antique tobacco rug on far wall
Client is a Bozart, Colette is a current Caco.


Pubdoll said...

Wow! I absolutely love it, especially the colour combinations! The limegreen and green looks so great with the white and red and the art is so perfect for this setting!

Again I love the German furniture, and the pillows from Minimodernistas make the coach look even more elegant and contemporary!

And I had to laugh when the client came with those paintings! :-)

Rebecca said...

I am glad to see that Colette didn't replace the whole house ;-)
I really love this room - such a good mix of new, vintage and antique pieces, and I like the overall shades of green and brown and white, with touches of other colours. Colette has terrific style!
I must admit that the client (didn't he have a name before?) is quite right that the picture he bought matches the colours in the room perfectly - so Colette's work has improved his taste considerably! She can always burn the old picture - or maybe she has a distant relation who would like it! Someone she's always found it hard to buy for!! ;-))

My Realitty said...

Thanks Guys! What suprised me doing this scene was all the items of the era that were the same color, like when I needed art the Imagination House art was the right color green. I never thought I'd be able to use that stuff in a scene. This from a girl whose mother had an alvacado green stove and refrigerator when she was growing up! Yes, I'm midcentury too! C

adela said...

Es una maravilla¡¡¡, visitaré más veces tu blog

shale said...

It looks great! I love the color scheme. Colette knows her stuff.


Dana R. Mocan said...

Congrats to Colette! The room looks great! Love the furniture and the colors