Monday, March 29, 2010

Everyone gathered 'round

while Thaddeus described the buildings, streets, carriages, and grand homes of New York.

The women sighed at the descriptions of the ladies' gowns and shoes. Everything was so grand in New York.

Even Patience the downstair's maid came up to listen and was transfixed by such stories of elegance.

Thaddeus left out the sights of the indentured servants crowded in small rooms and the hardship of the immigrants newly arrived from Holland.

(oh, P.S. The reason Thaddeus didn't take his hat off in the house is because it is glued to his head.)
Sometimes I like to make scenes that look real, but sometimes I also like seeing the dollhouse itself in the picture. Especially in old houses I think this is charming. My other suprise realization was how large the cast of characters was for this house. I know Colonial and Victorian are the most accessible types of dollhouses available but I hadn't realized how many Colonial people I actually had. So this month's posting served as an accounting too.


Pubdoll said...

I have really enjoyed reading the stories from the Colonial House, you are a well of information of the history and traditions of the time!
I'm looking forward to the next seventeen houses :-)

My Realitty said...

You're a brave soul! I am learning about the houses myself as I go through them with the help of others. Christian Hacker Mystery House is next. I think I need to get Swantje-Koehlers's book! C