Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Victory for Modern Aficionados

Well another milestone for Modern Dollhouse collectors!
I received my latest catalog from HOBBY BUILDERS SUPPLY and guess what they have! A Modern Chair collection.
This catalog is like the Sears catalog of dollhouse accessories. Mainstream. Now they are featuring MODERN
DESIGN. (ok some are midcentury) Thanks to you Mini Modern! Your bringing modern miniantures to the fore has paid off. I'm not sure how the prices compare with international fees.


callsmall said...

I applaud the entry of the chairs into the mainstream, but not the prices!!! You can find a small selection on the US store Manor House Miniatures for much less, see http://www.manorhouseminis.com/cat.asp?CatID=172. I usually buy my chairs individually on Manor House and eBay and they tend to work out to be $8-$10 each with shipping. I only once bought a full set of nine chairs for $60, including shipping. While I hated paying a big lump sum, it works out pretty well on individual chairs.

My Realitty said...

Thanks Call, Those chairs are so useful, they just pull a modern scene together. They are like sculpture. I guess they are getting more popular too. C

shale said...

These are the Japanese Reac chairs I love so much. I started out buying mine for $16.00 each (canadian) from a store in Toronto, but discovered that you can buy then by the boxed set on eBay (from Asia) for less than$10.00 each (not always, but often). I have at least six boxed sets now. The only problem is that the shipping is often expensive - $25.00 on a $50.00 order. But that still works out to less than the store cost and everything I bought so far has arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

For example here is a set of 12 chairs for $60.00 - $5. each plus around $2. each for shipping.

The prices in the catalogue are outrageous.


My Realitty said...

HI Susan, Yes I guess so but at least they are offered here. Reac probably charges the Hobby Store a premium to carry them. Thanks CM

püppilottchen said...

wow - i would love some of these, too! unfortunatly if problems with buying things outside from europe... so maybe i have to try it??


My Realitty said...

Yes it would be shipping from Hong Kong or here. Do you look at then on German ebay? CM

My Realitty said...

Nicola, look on other German blogs and when you see the chairs ask the owner how they got them to Germany! C