Friday, March 26, 2010

The Client's House...Before

Colette got a referral from an old friend. "He needs you! He has terrible taste, and a big budget!"

Colette knew when she saw the hot tub what kind of job this would be.

"Hey!" he greeted her. "How do you like my painting? Isn't it rich..."

"Come see the sit next to me on the bed."
Colette declined and lifted her hand to her eyes to shut out the glare from the windows. There were no curtains to soften the bright California sun. She felt a headache beginning. "Let's go downstairs, I see I have my work cut out for me " she sighed.


Rebecca said...

He has some good pieces, but no sense of what goes together - and he seems a bit of a creep :-( But I guess Colette will be firm and professional, and will definitely earn her fee!!!

My Realitty said...

So true on all accounts! C

Dudu said...

When I see your picture I think ... is your "real" house or is it in miniature? jaja
It's amazing what you do.
Once again congratulations.

My Realitty said...

Dudu, This is my real miniature house. Ha ha. If you see a photo and it is clean and neat... it is NOT my real house. C :)

Mini Dork said...

OMG. Hilarious!! I love it. I seriously laughed out loud.

My Realitty said...

Wh at? Don't you appreciate dogs playing poker? =D