Saturday, March 6, 2010

American witch hunts

Old Mrs. Revere and her sister, Prudence were talking in her
"You know Revered Mather told us not to slander others by calling them witches. Remember the hysteria of Salem?" she said.

Yes, but that woman is suspicious."Prudence answered.

"Oh really, Prudence...."

What else about her is suspicious?"

"Well..."thought Prudence..."her maiden name is French, Gaspard!" she said triumphantly.

"Oh, Prudence!" her sister shook her head.

Why it's an American tradition to demonize anything we fear.... We can look back at the feelings of societies past and laugh at their prejudices, but what about our politics today? Any demonizationing going on now? (Seen the picture of President Obama as the Joker?)


Pandora said...

A lovely little scene.

As to the demonizing; I don't think it is just an American tradition - have you seen the UK tabloids? It is a national passtime!


My Realitty said...

True Pan, but American politics has hit a new low. Just thinking about those early idealists. :) CM

Madame Samm said...

Are you kidding me...another lady with doll are my inspiration too..I do have a doll house...a large one at I am in great company...YOURS and your peoples....just lovely...
blessings madame samm

My Realitty said...

My dear, there are one or two of us out here! Go bloghopping! It's such fun. CM