Thursday, March 11, 2010

Puppenstube update: "Hollllllywood..."

Just a little diversion away from the Colonial House.
I think this little Hollywood swing is by Lundby. It will be my first Lundby piece.
I don't know it's age but I thought it would look cute on the terrace.
The spot on the wall above the green potted plant is from a missing wall light. I don't know what to put there.
Any ideas?
I have to tell you how much I love the thumbnail pictures of people who follow our blogs. It makes me so happy to see the faces when I turn on my blog. I love all the doll faces, cartoons, flowers, black and white photos and all the creative ways people express who they are. It's like the best bouquet of flowers and makes me instantly happy. Thanks, C
Update: Love how everyone agrees about the little pictures, in fact I noticed this when my friend Norma was edged off the page and I missed her face when she disappeared. I saw a blog where all the faces were displayed but I don't know how to do that YET. Seeing everyone would be like being at a party. (except those weird shadow ones of my best friends who joined when I started and don't have pics.Yes that is you Bev and Donna. They look rather sinister, like relocated mafia people!)


michelle said...

It looks very nice on the terrace and maybe you can hang a sign on the wall
where the wall light was...?

My Realitty said...

Cute idea. Or an address! Thanks CM

Amy's Miniatures And Smalls said...

I'm pretty sure the porch swing is Lundby but can't be 100% sure. There are some variations to the ones I have that are Lundby but it sure looks Lundby. If you want to spruce it up I sprayed all the fringe with febreeze and then straightened the fringe out and it stays now. Just a thought. You could also put a little plant stand under your plant and the big flower at the top would cover up the spot. I always go for the easiet way. Nice comment about the tiny photos being a floral bouquet.

Florine said...

Why not give your house a name like some of the houses on the puppenhausmuseum website...or an plaque like used in England? (Good examples can be found at
Followers snaps are like a put that so well!!

My Realitty said...

Febreeze, would it stain the old red material if I get it on it? C

My Realitty said...

Florine, What a good idea. So I think I should honor the house's german roots and have the name in that language, I wonder how you say 123 Dollhouse Lane in German,
or Caco house, or Playtimehaus???

My Realitty said...

Don't tell anyone Florine...but my real house has a name. It was one of the original houses built in this area (which also means the rooms are small because it was built in 1939) siteing it's view on the Golden Gate and Bay bridges and is named "Bayview". My children have napkins and towels embroidered "Bayview" for me. Now I am surrounded by McMansions in the true California style... C

Florine said...

Bayview sounds like a beautiful name for the home you have shared pictures of!
I'm sure Oese, Nicola or Rebecca will gladly help with a translation of any of the names you selected...wonder which one will sound best in German? Or name it Carol's Haus, or Bayview 2, or have a contest like Susan did? OK I need to quit playing and get back to work!Dollhouses are too much fun!

Tallulah Belle said...

Lovely house.

A sign / house name is a great idea. Or you could put a planter on the floor there and have a vine type plant growing up the wall to hide the spot.

Lucky you having an older house and a bay view...I am envious. I live outside LA.

We recently bought a new house and trying to fins one that wasn't a McMansion or a starter castle was really hard :-)