Thursday, March 25, 2010

Want that modern look? Hire Madwomen.

Announcing the opening of a new Mini Interior Decorating firm,
Madwomen Inc.

Time for a new look in your dollhouse? Crazy about Madmen? Eames? Miss Domino magazine? Tired of your dolls feeling lifeless?

Our firm can take you from funky to fabulous.

Before and afters to follow.


Busy Lizzie said...

Love the series Madmen, brilliant stuff!

Flora said...

Dear CM, thanks for comment on the blog: the first! I do not speak good English but I understand... Your blog is very original: are you the doll in red who appears anywhere?! A kiss from Italy, Flora

Püppilottchen said...

I don´t no madmen, but I like your Madwomen Inc. idea ;D


My Realitty said...

Flora, blogging is so much fun. To speak to someone across the world is still magical to me.

Puppilottchen, Madmen is a tv show about Madison Ave. New York executives who write advertising in the 1950's- early 60's. The photography is sharp and it holds up the time many of us grew up in to examination. My Jan. 20th 2010, blog is about it a doll posing like the actors. It has Eames style furnishings in it. We LOVE it. :) C

Pubdoll said...

I haven't seen the series, but I have understood it's very popular among the fashionistas :-)
And I'm sure Colette's new firm will be a huge success, after all she already has a great portfolio to show for her :-)

My Realitty said...

Thank you Pubdoll, There is very little I like on tv, but this one is cutting edge. :) C