Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Then she tiptoes into...

master bedroom
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Old Mrs. Revere's son's room. Thaddeus is important in the new colonies. He is attending the new Congress for New York. The Reveres are not landowners but Thaddeus is a brilliant orator and is respected by the older, stogier landowners for his new ideas.
It is early but he is already awake arranging his papers. He must ride for hours today to reach the Congress. Patience will send a packet of food with him for his journey.

Tynietoy pencil bed and banjo clock. Shackman desk and grandfather clock) contemporary bust of Shakespeare (would he have that? He IS an intellectual...) globe and sphere. Contemporary pictures of sailing ships copies of original English and American art


Dana R. Mocan said...

I love stories. :D Nice to meet Revere family and their servants. They have a wonderful house.

Florine said...

Why do I have the feeling that you loved history class when you were in school?!! This will be enjoyable!