Friday, March 12, 2010

Give away... One chair left....

6PM UPDATE: That leaves the olive green chair UNTAKEN and I will put all the rest of the names of people who want it together and draw a winner on MARCH 17TH.

Update: the Blue chair has been claimed. Congrats Anthouls, who is from Greece.
One down 2 to go. I will wait 5 days for the last one and do a drawing if there are many wants.
Update. The brown Eames style chair goes to Shale from Canada. One left. In my opinion the most useful as it is the biggest... xoxo C

Here are 3 chairs I don't use. They are Reac which I have posted about. So rather than stepping on them, I would like to give them away. And I mean that, you should see my doll area! Would you like one? The guidelines are, say which you want, and I just can't have sent you something already.

I will wait 5 days from today for the last one (turns out it's the olive green one) and pick a winner by drawing from the names. Good luck! Cheers CM


Anthoula said...

I would love the blue one! It's so pop!

mini hugs

My Realitty said...

and it is Yours! Contact me at and giveme your mailing address. Are you in the US? Congrats! CM

shale said...

I am not from the US, so I guess that makes me international (even though I m North American).

I would love to have the brown chair because I have one like it and I was looking for a mate. I always like to have a set. That way I can use them at a kitchen table, or as side chairs in a room. or whatever.

Colette makes a lovely model by the way.

Also I wish I could buy the Barbra Striesand dollhouse with you, but I have already spent all my money on dollhouses and have none left ;)


My Realitty said...

Done! Send me you address via my email Shale! You are Canadian and we consider you family but technically we are from different countries. I might have to throw another one in for my International friends. Hmmm.Cheers CM

callsmall said...

Yipee! Free! I love the green chair, so if no one has claimed, I'll snag it. You are very generous - thanks for sharing the Reac love!

callsmall said...

Whoops...just saw that it can't be someone you sent to already. Does our swap count? I have more Re-ment that we can swap...see it on flickr It's totally fine if the answer is no!

My Realitty said...

We shall see. I think it's most useful of all! Good luck! CM

Lara said...

Hi, I would like the green chair too. Love these chairs.
Mini regards, Lara

My Realitty said...

OK Lara, CallSmall and I already did a swap so you are 1st in the drawing pool. Good luck! CM

neomig said...

Can I have the green one?
Neomi from Israel

neomig said...

Can I have the green one?
Thanks so much
Neomi from Israel

My Realitty said...

You and Lara are in the drawing so far! Good luck! C

Lisa said...

Cool blog you have!