Monday, March 29, 2010

Goodbye to the Colonial House.

My thought of exploring one of my dollhouses a month has worked out well for me and the Colonial dollhouse.
It was found by the curb 15 years ago. I haven't paid much attention to it recently, so this was a good idea.

I cleaned it, glued broken chairs and even put murals in the livingroom and one bedroom.

As March ends we find George and Thaddeus ready to leave New York.

The family they are staying with is throwing a Ball on their last night.

Girls were allowed to attend beginning at age 13. If you were not married by 25 you were considered a failure.

Abigail, wearing red toile is enjoying her first Ball.
It is 1790.

The men were discussing the French Revolution and the recent death of Ben Franklin.

Everyone knew the French would never hurt their King or Queen...

George was planning to move the Capitol of the new country from New York to the banks of the Potomac River. He tired of hearing New Yorkers complain about the change.

The violinist was in love with the harpist. (She is a widow) But then so is the piano player. Widows were expected to be married by one year after their spouse's death.

The newly married women wore their wedding gowns for one year after getting married.

It was a very festive evening but George and Thaddeus were ready to return to their prospective homes.
Thaddeus had orders to remember everything about the fashions of New York to tell the women in his family when he returned.


shale said...

Wow, you know a lot about the traditions of the times. I guess it makes sense to get the widow married off if she had no money, but what if she was rich and wanted to enjoy her freedom for a while? But then maybe I am thinking like a modern, previously married, woman. lol


My Realitty said...

Thanks,she would be pressured to marry. Aren't you glad to live in this day and age! CM

Norma said...

A great post, I did enjoy the 'social history' details as well as the pics. I haven't commented here much lately as I haven't yet had the chance to read you recent posts properly but I will (short uni break coming up soon - ye ha!). The little bits I've seen of them were very interesting tho :)

My Realitty said...

Breaks are important. One of the things I realized is the longer you have a house the bigger the cast. CM

Dana R. Mocan said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. More interesting things this time too. You are making researches about historical context for the stories? Great way to present your collection. You have so many wonderful dolls, furniture and dolls houses. Love your pics. Nice dance at the ball. It was a similar dance to Jim and Camilla wedding. :)

Püppilottchen said...

What a lovely & interesting post :) I really enjoyed your colonial house and the inhabitants!!