Monday, March 15, 2010

Welcome 100th follower!

Hooray Swantje is my 100th follower. I think the dolls are having another party to celebrate. I wonder which house will host it?

Hmmm... there is a lot of buzzing coming from the Boardroom. I wonder what is going on.

Old Mrs.Vaness from the Painted Lady Victorian House has called a board meeting! One doll from each house is attending.
Going clockwise I see the Governess from the German Kitchen Roombox. Next to her is Amelia Hacker from the Mystery/ Christian Hacker Dollhouse, then Mrs. Celluloid from the Triang House, Young Mrs. Revere from the Colonial House, I can see Alberta from the 1920 Tudor's skirt, the Black Father from Tomy Toys, Mr. Grecon in the red spot on chair from the Eagle Hexagon house, the Smoking Mother from the Imagination House, Mrs. Bozart (hey what is she doing there, I don't have a Kalediscope House?) and Colette Caco from the Wes Designs MH1 House. I wonder what is going on, C


püppilottchen said...

Cool - one doll from each house :) yes, and i´m really wondering what´s going on!!


Anonymous said...

I am working on a story for a major national publication and would like to talk to you about your blog. Please email me at and I will give you full details.

Amy's Miniatures And Smalls said...

Wonderful. Just like real life.

My Realitty said...

The board said they had a report for me tomorrow. CM

Dana R. Mocan said...

nice pic with the board meeting! you are so creative :))

My Realitty said...

Thank you as are you Dana, very worried about who is marrying whom on your blog! CM