Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This re purposing trend...

This is Colette's favorite miniature from the exhibit. How clever is the repurposing of a ceiling lamp as the dome on this model of the Palace of Fine Arts?
In the absence of a miniature item... we have always had to improvise. What is the cleverest repurposing you've ever heard of? I like Oese's use of tick tac boxes as tables, and MiniModern's use of soap dishes as bath tubs.

This building, The Reserve Building, is made from cassettes. The TransAmerica Building, above is studded with computer keys. It looks so realistic from a few steps away.

The key to creative miniatures is seeing the similarity in a form even though the size is so different.

Here is the real Palace of Fine Arts.

My last favorite miniature building from this exhibit is the Port of San Francisco Ferry Building. It is especially witty because the Ferry Building has
become a mecca for great restaurants like The Slanted Door, and gourmet shops offering cheese, organic vegetables and spices, coffee and
wines from all over California. Notice the use of a cheese grater for the tower, wine crates for the base, a kitchen timer for the clock, a salt shaker for the apex, and forks and chopsticks lining the tower. Too funny.

Check out the Port sign made from Scrabble tiles!
Even corks are employed in the structure looking a lot like the columns of the Ferry building.

Here is the real one. How ingenious are these little models!

Then...Lunch by the Bay.

And a little chocolate and cappuciano should finish off the day nicely.

Improvising has been especially useful when making modern dollhouse scenes. Callsmall, for example uses Ikea bins for roomboxes. I have used thin colored cutting boards for walls and floors. Didn't I hear that someone made hanging lamps out of ping pong balls?

My most imaginative creation was using a lucite nightlight guard as a modern fireplace screen, like a glass one. What was yours? I would LOVE to know? C


Rebecca said...

Oh wow, what a great looking chocolate shop! I'd love to go there, as well as to this exhibition :-)

De said...

Great exhibit. My favorite kind of mini-making is repurposing. I don't have a huge budget to support my hobby so I make as much as I can. Some favorite repurposing: making a mini toilet from a flip top toothpaste lid, an egg cup and a tic tac box; a different brand of toothpaste lid as a divided veggie tray; elegant little boutique chairs from pizza insert tables.

Florine said...

WOW is right! Fantastic exhibition and thank you for sharing so many pics. I hope you helped Collette with that drink!

My Realitty said...

Florine... who ME?

De if you send me a pic of any or all of thoses I will post it. C

My Realitty said...

Rebecca, when you come to my hemisphere we'll go there.

Florine ...same with the, er, restaurant. Or you two can come to San Fran together and we'll do BOTH! ;)

shale said...

I want to come too! San Francisco is one of my favorite places! I love the exhibit. Great pictures.


My Realitty said...

The more the merrier! C