Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So I was summoned to the Boardroom....

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and I thought "How cute.
Old Mrs. Vaness from the Painted Lady Victorian House cleared her throat, "My Dear, we have had a good discussion and this is what we have come up with."
I thought of all I do for these Dollhouses and smiled, they were going to thank me!
Mrs. Vaness continued, "We have a list of Demands... and an award".
"Oh boy I'm getting an award", I smiled again.
"First", she said sternly, "we want more protection from Grandchildren..." she nodded toward Senora MasCabesa who's Hacienda House had recently been scribbled on.
Hmmmm... I thought to myself if it is a choice between dolls or grandchildren there really is no contest... and the winner isn't dolls...
"Second, we want ample warning before vacuming,
Third, Dust Covers", she gave me a disaproving look.
"Fourth, Equal budget allocation for all Houses...not JUST MODERN". Colette looked uncomfortable at this and shrugged her shoulders and sniffed.
"And last, NO cats."


Florine said...

Cute cute cute...I'm still laughing! Rebuttal?

My Realitty said...

Well Maybe I should go along with it... I mean there still is the award... CM

Amy's Miniatures And Smalls said...

Sounds like another chapter in the book "When dolls become real." What fun! Thanks for the warning. I know my dolls are busy when I'm not home.

LaPetite said...

Such big problems for such tiny people!

My Realitty said...

Well, La petite... would you like a cat 10 times bigger than you in your house? Let's get real.xoxo CM

Püppilottchen said...

Hahaha - cool idea! I guess my Lundbys and Lundquists and Lund... would also vote for dustcovers first! I have no cat and I´m allergic so they don´t have to fear about them. But I´m sure there will be grandchildren some day and I really hope they will play with all my toys like my daughters did :)

Congrats for the award!!