Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stepping up my game...

So my daughter of 25 years patiently listens to me talk about the peeps in blogland. She has started giving me advice about my arrangements. HA! She is being drawn in!

I showed her some of my friend Oese's rooms and her response was, "They look SO real! Mom you really need to step up your game!
So focusing for a month on the Colonial House has been good for it and me.
I fixed broken furniture, cleaned it and became interested in that period of history again. I found great blogs on women like: and
Continuing the story next week: Thaddeus returns from New York where they are discussing the new plan to move the Capitol from New York to the Potomac and build a new house for the President. Ben Franklin has just died and the French Revolution is in full swing, but everyone knows the French will never hurt their King or Queen. The women in Boston are dying to hear about the elegant fashions of New York.
Drawing for the olive green Reac chair on the 17th. C


Amy's Miniatures And Smalls said...

If I could be 50% as excellent as Oese is I will be very pleased. Her scenes are always top notch and incredible. Reach for the stars. You might not get a star but you won't get a handful of dirt. If I can just keep my hands clean I'm doing okay. What is the link to your daughters blog? LOL

My Realitty said...

OK but don't tell her... we don't want her to get conceited... :) C

maria said...

I hope i can also join in for the give away of the chair, i just found your blog.
My favorite is the one in the middle.

Maria from Holland

maria said...

Sorry,just read the comments of your last post and i see they are already given away.
I like your blog very much

My Realitty said...

Maria you are in the pool for the drawing for the green chair! Good luck! CM