Friday, March 5, 2010

So I took Amy's advice

and left the Colonial Dolls alone and snapped their pictures when I returned (because they don't know how to work a camera, duh)
"What could these be?" Old Mrs. Revere said to her widowed sister?
Her sister's eyes widened and she whispered "They must be the workings of a witch!"

I miss my modern toys! CM
Bozart lamp, Minimodernistas hanging lamp. Horsman and contemporary import doll.


Amy's Miniatures And Smalls said...

These colonial posts have been so fun. I am honored to be mentioned. This post is especially funny. I imagine time travel back then just like we can travel back in time with antiques and history. Your poor dolls really have no idea what they are playing with. That witch comment still has me laughing. What a hoot! Those are both really nice lamps too.

My Realitty said...

Yes studying history id like time trsvel! CM

püppilottchen said...

hehehe - FUNNY!