Thursday, March 4, 2010

Here is the dollhouse

The tiny thumbnail is the Colonial dollhouse as it should be. It was offered a couple times recently on ebay, pickup only (east coast, natch). I am using this with the permission of the seller who has become a member of DollshousesPastandpresent Group. I have it posted there too. We wonder if you know the maker. It is possibly by Louis Rich in the1940's-50's as it is made of fiberboard with a stencilled patterned door. The roof is green, the walls white.

I have the roof and porch and columns, they just aren't attached as it has become so wobbly.
I recommend a colonial house if you are buying one for a child because they are so much fun to play with. A plethora of accesories are offered and the long skirts of the dolls enchant. To some it may seem fussy but it reaches that niche of dollhouse owners who like fantasy and dollies.
I realize I have many posts to make of this house. Some of the other houses will be shorter as they do not draw me in as much. This is why I recommend it for a child. It is easy to play with. (Next month it is the Victorian house which is a big seller with dollhouse people too, so we shall see. I can't imagine this many post with my Bliss house.) C


Florine said...

Hi CM! Am truly enjoying your posts with all the American history included. :)
Your house was made by Hall's Lifetime Toys in Chattanooga Tennesse in the early 1970s. They had several models of houses plus furniture is several scales. One of the Zillner books has a whole chapter on this company/products. Great selection of little house for your charming stories!

Pandora said...

I don't know anything about these houses but I can see what you mean about a fantasy house because it certainly has a lot of potential. In the photo the ante room off the bigger bedroom works well but it doesn't seem to work so well downstairs so I look forward to seeing what magic you weave with this little house.


My Realitty said...

Thanks Florine! I am soooooooo glad to know! I have to get Diane Zilner's boo asap! This is the 2nd time it has answered one of my questions.

Pandors, I took the living room urniture out to make the New York scene. This picture was just to show deep background. xoxo C

My Realitty said...

book! book!

Pandora not Pandors! furniture, not urinature!

Boy my typing is bad, my little granddaughter is here so I am rushing. She is waiting to paint my nails purple. Gott go! C

Pandora said...

Ha ha. No worries. I quite like Pandors :-)

Great little house and interesting info. xx